Sahara Algeria

Exploring the Wonders of Sahara Algeria: A Journey Through Time and Dunes

Embark on an unforgettable adventure into the Algerian Sahara. Our comprehensive guide unveils the desert’s secrets, from vast sand dunes to ancient cultures, ensuring your Sahara journey is nothing short of magical. The allure of Algeria’s Sahara, the world’s most magnificent desert landscape, is hard to resist for any intrepid traveler. A realm of golden…

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Explore Botswana 5: Wildlife, Culture and More in the Heart of Africa

Uncover the beauty of Botswana with our comprehensive guide. Learn about its unique culture, breathtaking wildlife, vast landscapes and why it’s a must-visit destination in Africa. Resplendent in its natural treasures, etched with compelling history, and pulsating with a rich culture, the landlocked gem of Southern Africa – Botswana, beckons travellers around the world. Known…

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From the Brink of Extinction: The Remarkable Journey of Rescuing the Rhino – a Tale of Poaching, Conservation, and Scientific Breakthroughs at Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Rhino – Just a century ago, over 500,000 rhinos grazed within the African and Asian grasslands. The plight of these beloved herbivores has since become indicative of our global wildlife crisis. Facing poaching and habitat loss, their population has plummeted by 95% to a mere 27,000 worldwide. Today, majority of the remaining rhinos reside in…

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