Will Spring Come Early? Potomac Phil Prepares His Weather Prediction for Groundhog Day 2024

Groundhog Day 2024

Groundhog Day 2024 – Potomac Phil, the famous weather-predicting groundhog from Washington D.C., is ready to tell us if we can expect more winter or an early spring. He’s going to make his big announcement at Dupont Circle Park early on Friday morning at 8:30 A.M. You’ll probably find him near some guys wearing fancy top hats right by the water fountain.

Are you tired of the cold and hoping for spring? You might be in for some good news. The weather folks at FOX 5 say it might rain on Friday morning, and it’s going to be pretty cloudy. The rain should slow down to a light drizzle around noon. Later in the day, the clouds might go away a bit, and we could see a little sunshine. It’s expected to be kind of chilly but not too cold, with temperatures maybe hitting the 50s. Potomac Phil probably won’t see his shadow this year, just like last year.

Potomac Phil

What about Punxsutawney Phil? Well, if the weather predictions are right, he won’t see his shadow either, which means spring might be just around the corner if the groundhog knows what he’s talking about.

Phil has been doing this weather prediction thing since the 1880s. There’s a fun story from the folks at the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club. They say their Phil has been around all this time because he drinks a special “elixir of life” at a special summer picnic, and it makes him live seven more years each time. So this Groundhog Day will be the 138th celebration of this event in Punxsutawney!