Discovering Verona: The City of Love’s Hidden Romantic Gems

The City Verona

Verona, tagged as the backdrop to Shakespeare’s famous tragedy Romeo and Juliet, is a small jewel-like city in northern Italy full of picture-perfect views and rich history. You will often find tourists crowded at Juliet’s house, soaking in the romantic vibe and taking pictures with Juliet’s statue.

However, Giulia Bolla, a renowned local wedding planner, advises that exploring the city in depth will give you more beautiful experiences. She recommends strolling along the River Adige, appreciating the scenery, and enjoying the easy walkability the city offers.

Whether it’s popping the question or simply reveling in the romantic ambience, Verona’s association with the greatest love story of all time has made it a favorite spot for weddings and proposals, especially on Valentine’s Day. Here are a few romantic must-see places in Verona suggested by Giulia Bolla:

The City Verona ITALY
  1. The best place for a marriage proposal: Castel San Pietro. This castle, set on St Peter’s Hill, offers an amazing panoramic view of the city. Hop on the cable car that’s nearby, and enjoy a breath-taking sunset view from the top.
  2. Castelvecchio for charming moonlit walks. Stroll across the twinkling medieval bridge at night and be transported back in time.
  3. The banks of the River Adige for endless wanderings. The riverside hosts many tiny bars and offers splendid views of Castel San Pietro and the Roman Arena.
  4. Osteria Ponte Pietra and Locanda di Castelvecchio for a romantic dinner. These restaurants offer delicious local dishes in a cozy, dimly lit setting.
  5. The terrace at Hotel Milano is a lesser-known spot where couples can enjoy an aperitivo with a view of the Roman Arena.
  6. The Cloister of the Canons offers some peace amidst the tourist-packed city. This ancient, beautiful place near the Dome of Verona provides a serene atmosphere for couples.
  7. Scala della Ragione and the Notaries’ Chapel are great spots for a civil wedding ceremony and post-wedding photos. The Palazzo della Ragione hosts the historical Scala della Ragione, which offers a scenic backdrop for wedding photos.

Whether you’re planning a trip to Verona for romance, relaxation, or a permanent memory in the form of a proposal or a wedding, this small city has many beautiful experiences to offer.