Sheki: Cultural Paradise in Azerbaijan’s Enchanting City

Explore Sheki, the unsung culture capital of the Caucasus. Discover Azerbaijan’s cultural and culinary delights, Silk Road connections, and UNESCO heritage sites. Plan your trip to Sheki and immerse yourself in its vibrant heritage.Step into the enchanting city of Sheki, nestled in the picturesque Caucasus Mountains of Azerbaijan. This hidden gem holds a unique position…

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The City Verona

Discovering Verona: The City of Love’s Hidden Romantic Gems

Verona, tagged as the backdrop to Shakespeare’s famous tragedy Romeo and Juliet, is a small jewel-like city in northern Italy full of picture-perfect views and rich history. You will often find tourists crowded at Juliet’s house, soaking in the romantic vibe and taking pictures with Juliet’s statue. However, Giulia Bolla, a renowned local wedding planner,…

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