Modieus: Transforming Axminster Carpets with Style and Technique • Hotel Designs

Hotel Designs

Hotel Designs – This collection from Modieus is all about design, technique, and innovation. It’s made by experts who know how to use different yarns and carving techniques. They’re using special techniques that aren’t usually used in Axminster carpets. The collection uses hard twist yarn and hand carving to make the design stand out. This kind of weaving and carving needs special skills.

Xander Okhuizen, the Founder of Modieus, said, “We wanted to make an Axminster carpet that looks like a luxurious hand-tufted rug. Our design team took the best parts of handmade rugs and applied them to Axminster carpets. The result is amazing. We’ve achieved a hand-tufted look that usually takes months or years to create, but we can make it in a much shorter time and at a lower cost.”

Leah Manwaring, a Hotel Designs, explained the three special techniques they used: hard twist yarn for texture, hand carving for shadow lines and highlights, and mixing different yarn types for shine. Combining these techniques creates a unique and textured look.

The Impressions Collection has five different design capsules, each with its own style:

  1. Impressions made in time – inspired by mid-century modern influences, featuring geometric patterns and pure colors.
  2. Impressions made by nature – inspired by a natural color palette, with soft tones of cream, beige, browns, and yellows.
  3. Impressions left by taste – a sophisticated coffee-colored palette inspired by the taste and color of rich coffee beans.
  4. Impressions left by cultures – designs inspired by cultural influences, featuring rich colors and vintage patterns.
  5. Impressions left by life – a collection that reflects the different experiences and memories of life.

Modieus has put a lot of thought and time into developing this new collection. It’s considered and insightful, pushing boundaries in designing, weaving, and finishing Axminster carpets. This, along with the inspiration behind each capsule, makes it a noteworthy addition to Modieus’ portfolio.